KETKI NURSING HOME & UROLOGY HOSPITAL : 2nd Floor, Hyatt Medicare, Dr. N.B. Khare Marg, Plot No 12/2, Dhantoli, Nagpur
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The hospital is also fully equipped to undertake major and supra-major open operative procedures for urology, gynaecology and Plastic surgeries.

  • Major operation theatre (1 in no.) fully air-conditioned with ultra modernfacilities and invertor/generator
    backup and above equipment. Also equipped with the latest low flow Boyles Anaesthesia machine.
  • Minor Operation Theatre/Labor room generously equipped with boyles anaesthesia machine.
  • Post Operative recovery with intensive care monitoring, 3 beds.
  • Hospital with fully air conditioned private rooms and semi private rooms.
  • Full hospital on power backup with a powerful modern generator with AMF panel with automatic on-off facility.
  • 24 hours water supply with purified RO & UV water for drinking purposes.
  • Clean eco-friendly new commercial complex with all fire fighting facilities along with a stretcher and a normal lift with a common powerful generator.
  • Central oxygen supply to all the hospital beds.
  • Separate office in the hospital premises for administrative purposes.
  • Facility of 6 multi para-monitors with two pulse oxymeters for round the clock patient monitoring.
  • Full hospital connected through LAN. The process of computerization of all records is ongoing.
  • Recording equipment in both OT’s for recording of operative procedures and CCTV video surveillance in the hospital.


Facility of 20 beds at second floor of Hyatt Medicare, Dhantoli in the heart of the city. The hospital is licensed as per NMC norms. There are additional facilities of 10 beds in a second building also with relevant licenses. The hospital is based on the philosophy of technology for all and cost effectiveness. The hospital is an ultra-modern facility with the following facilities

AURIGA XL50 (Star Med-Tech, Germany)

One of its kind of laser in central India. Considered as a major technological advance in the world management of renal ureteric and bladder stones.

Management of prostatic enlargement with HoLEP, the procedure of choice in the world today. The multi-purpose Holmium YAG Laser for BPH, Lithrotripsy, strictures, tumors, bladder neck incision and different kinds of minimally invasive intervention. Unique facility of minimally of Adjustable Pulse duration (150-700 µs), Energy (4.25J) and repetition rate (5-25Hz). Inbuilt programs for different sets of optimized parameters for effective ablation efficacy and haemostatic effect.

Carm Image Intensifier

It is a high frequency machine with a nine inch zone for imaging of urinary system.

Flexible URS (Olympus)

The latest endoscope for treatment of ureteric and renal stones and tumor, the only flexible scope available in Nagpur today.

Ultra Miniscope, 1mm (Schoelly)

Used for Micropuncture PCNL (Kidney Stone) with Laser & Cystoscopy & Operative Intervention in neonates & Childrens.

The various other scopes and endoscopes available are

  • 30 degree telescopes (3 in no.)
  • Monopolar Resectoscopes (3 in no.) for surgeries on prostate and bladder tumors and hysteroscopic TCRE.
  • Bipolar Resectoscope (1 in no.) for surgeries on prostate and bladder tumors and hysteroscopic TCRE.
  • Cautry machines, monopolar (2 in no.)
  • Bipolar Cautry machines with NSEAL (1 in no.) for bipolar resection and surgeries on prostate bladder tumors hysteroscopic TCRE.
  • Rigid Ureteroscopes 6.2/7 Fr, Olympus (2 in no.) for ureteric stones stricture and tumor management
  • Rigid Ureteroscope 8/9.8 Fr, Richard Wolffe for ureteric stones stricture and tumor management
  • Hysteroscope 4 mm (Karl Storz) for hysteroscopy and ancillary procedures.
  • Hysteroscope 2.9mm (Schoelly) for office hysteroscopy and operative hysteroscopy.
  • Nephroscopes, Richard Wolffe, Dresden (1 in no.) for PCNL, percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL).
  • Nephroscope Standard, Richard Wolffe for PCNL .
  • Lithoclast, Pneumatic (2 in no.) for fragmentation of all kind of stones.
  • 3 chip endoscopic camera, Karl Storz for video endoscopy and operative procedures.
  • Single chip endoscopic camera, Karl Storz (2 in no.)
  • Laparascope 10mm, Karl Storz for diagnostic laparoscopy and operative procedures.
  • Laparascope 5mm for diagnostic laparoscopy and operative procedures.
  • Colposcope for gynecological screening of cancers.


  • Resident Medical Officers : Trained and skilled doctors round the clock are available in the hospital premises.
  • Five experienced OT technicians.
  • Courteous and professional reception under the able guidance of Ms. Namrata Tamaskar.
  • Well experienced senior sisters and junior sister staff trained to be professional warm and courteous under the watchful eye of Sister
  • Mrs. Megha Nakhate and Sister Mrs. Reena Gaur.
  • Housekeeping available round the clock with seven hard working attendance under the able guidance of Mrs. Radha Chauare.
  • Security Guards round the clock.